Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When does soccer start?


Beginning in 2023, PLSC will begin in April.  The older divisions will begin training sessions for the first few weeks until final team selections are finished late April.  Younger divisions will begin late April.  

What are the prices?

Divisions with 1 session/game a week (U5, U7) - $60

Divisions with 2 sessions/games a week (U7*-U19) - $75

*Pilot project to be determined by board and U7 Division Coordinator


Volunteer and Jersey Cheque

We will be collecting 2 separate cheques, which will be collected at either in person registration or arrangements can be made with the registrar.  

Volunteer Cheque=$100 post dated for October 1, 2023

Jersey Deposit Cheque= $100 post dated for July 1, 2023

What does my child need for equipment?

All players must have

  • Shin pads.  The shin pads must be completely covered with long socks.  Socks are to be on the OUTSIDE of the shin pads
  • Soccer cleats are recommended but runners are fine for younger divisions. No sandals will be allowed on the field.
  • The soccer club will provide soccer jerseys.
  • No Jewelry.  These cannot be worn or taped over, with the exception of Medic Alert tags.

If your child does not have the proper equipment or comply with the rules, they will not be allowed to play.


What are the priorities of the Phantom Lake Soccer Club?

SPORTSMANSHIP AND FUN: These are the priorities of the Soccer Club. All players should be played as equally as possible and in an environment that is harassment-free. You are urged to caution your children that verbal/physical abuse of players, coaches, teammates, referees will not be tolerated. Unsportsmanlike behaviour will be dealt with immediately:


What happens if my child demonstrates unsportsmanlike conduct?

1st offense - Red Card and Ejection from the game plus a minimum of one extra game suspension(s) or as determined by the Discipline committee

2nd offense - Suspension for the remainder of the season.


What do I do if my child has a problem?

If, at any time during the season, your child has any problems, speak to your coach first. If it is not resolved, contact the president at, or write to the Phantom Lake Soccer Club Executive at Box 84, Flin Flon, MB R8A 1M6 or email


What is the breakdown for each division?

The breakdown for each division for the 2023 season is as follows:

U5-BUMBLEBEE: Born in 2019 or 2018

U7-SQUIRTS: Born in 2017 or 2016

U9-DIVISION 1: Born in 2015 or 2014

U11-DIVISION 2: Born in 2013 or 2012

U13- DIVISION 3: Born in 2011 or 2010

U15-DIVISION 4: Born in 2009 or 2008

U17/U19-DIVISION 5: Born in 2004 - 2007


Why do I need to provide a birth certificate?

To confirm birth dates of players for insurance purposes, the Phantom Lake Soccer Club will request a visual confirmation of birth date via birth certificates or other government issued identification in a player's first season. This information will be verified and once verified, will not be required again. Only new players will be required to present a copy of birth certificate at registration or the first day at the field. 


When will my child play and what field?

The fields were assigned as follows:  (Dates and Times are expected to change depending on field conditions)

U5-BUMBLEBEE: Thursdays, Phantom Lake Soccer Field

U7-SQUIRTS: Tuesdays, Phantom Lake Soccer Field

U9-DIVISION 1: Monday & Wednesday, Phantom Lake Soccer Field

U11-DIVISION 2: Tuesday & Thursday, Creighton Field

U13-DIVISION 3: Monday & Wednesday, Creighton Field

U15-DIVISION 4: Tuesday & Thursday, Phantom Field

U17/U19-DIVISION 5: TBA, field TBA 


** New for 2023** U11-U19 will be begin at indoors at the Sportex in early April.  U9 will be added indoors April 17, 2023; followed by U5 and U7 on May 1, 2023. On May 15, we will move all divisions and players to the fields.


Orange Days

Orange days have been removed from the program. Snacks are at the parents discretion.


Who do I contact if my child can’t attend a game?

If your child cannot attend a game, the coach should be notified.  Games will be canceled if not enough players attend.  Coaches will need time to make call-ups or other arrangements.  


Can my child bring drinks to the games?

Each child should take a bottle of water to the games. Not pop or juice.


What are the smoking rules?

The soccer areas are non-smoking areas. Please do not smoke on or near the fields or stands.


Can I bring my pet to a game?

Pets are not allowed at the soccer fields including the stands and parking lots


What do I do with my garbage?

Please clean up any litter you see on or around the field. There are garbage cans at the side of the fields.


Where do I park?

Parking adjacent to the fields is sometimes limited. Phantom Lake field is a one way system.


What other safety issues should I be concerned about?

Parents, please make sure your children are supervised at the field. If you are unable to stay for the game, please ensure that another parent/friend is responsible in the event that your child is injured. Please keep smaller children off the field and away from any areas where they may be injured. Do not let children hang on the goal posts. Do not let your children play with the lime used to mark the field, as this is not safe.


What do I need to know about volunteering?

If you have signed up for volunteering and have not completed your volunteer hours by early June, it is your responsibility to contact the volunteer coordinator about fulfilling your volunteer hours. Volunteer cheques for people who have not completed their volunteer hours will be cashed on October 1, and you have until July 1 to contact the soccer executive if there was an exceptional circumstance that prevented you from fulfilling your volunteer commitment. We don’t want your money as much as we want your assistance in completing the many jobs that are required to make a soccer league run smoothly for the players. 


How do I know if a game is canceled?

If you are unsure of whether games are canceled due to inclement weather, check your email, PLSC website, PLSC facebook/twitter, listen to CFAR for announcements, or email your coach. We will also do our best to update the website and the Facebook page. 


Upcoming Events

Oct. 22, 2023 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM

PLSC Annual General Meeting
Victoria Inn

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