PLSC U15+U17


Windup Weekend

U15+U17 Championship weekend will be on Sunday June 25 from 12:00-6:00pm at Phantom Lake Field. 

Team Rank will be determined by standings through the season on the final weekday session on June 22nd.  Note: the number on the chart is not the team name, it is the standings through the season. 

All team standings will be removed from the website as the schedule is announced on Friday morning to reduce confusion.  


Sunday June 25      
U15+U17 Phantom Field  
** with shoot out for an extra point after each round robin game
  1 Light Green  
  2 Dark Green  
  3 Maroon  
12:00-1:30pm 1v3
Light Green v Maroon
1:30-3:00 2v3
Dark Green v Maroon
3:00-4:30 1v2
Light Green v Dark Green
5:00pm - 6:00pm Final  1st v 2nd in the round robin  



Game Length:  2x30min half plus a shootout for each round robin game.  Shootout will be best of 5 shooters; Shooters must be from players on the field at time of final whistle.  Must be the same goalkeeper at the time of the final whistle


Points for win, draw, and a loss are below.  1 Extra point will be given for winning the shootout.   Team points will be written on a white board on site.

win 3
draw 1
loss 0
winning shootout 1






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